Divorce Retreat

A divorce retreat can help you eliminate negative emotions like denial, anger, and depression and help you embrace the positive aspects of life. At Radiant Balance Retreats, we focus on nurturing recently divorced men and women to accept the end of their marriage and prepare for a journey of self-love. 

Does divorce make you happier?

Individuals who get out of toxic relationships are often much happier after a divorce. However, studies indicate that over 50% of adults that go through divorce suffer from psychological distress compared to married adults. This is mostly because a divorce can start up new conflicts and create more tension between couples, especially during the settlement stage.

Furthermore, if you have children, you may be more worried about how your divorce will impact them. All of this can cause anxiety and depression. Attend a divorce retreat to help you healthily process your divorce and move past it.

How do you stop the pain of heartbreak?

Heartbreaks are essential to evolve and grow as a human being. However, it is essential to take time to process the heartbreak and heal from it after a certain amount of time. It becomes an issue of concern when you dwell on heartbreak and deny to move past it. Here are some tips on how to process a heartbreak:

  1. Get rid of triggers - If you recently got over a divorce, get rid of things and objects that remind you of your spouse or your memories together as a couple. 
  2. Make travel plans - Make plans to visit a place that you've always wanted to visit or choose a random destination to surprise yourself. Traveling is an excellent opportunity to experience new things, meet new people, and encounter new challenges and is a fantastic time for self-introspection.
  3. Attend a retreat - Most people make appointments with a shrink to overcome a divorce. However, choosing to participate in a wellness retreat for a couple of days can offer you a much-deserved break and revive your soul and mind for a new journey.

Heartbreak is an inevitable emotion in everybody's life. In our retreats, we educate our attendees to embrace heartbreaks and appreciate them for the new learnings and experiences that they yield.  

Ways to ease your stress in divorce

A divorce can have adverse effects on your physical, emotional, social, and financial wellbeing. However, as mature adults and parents, you must gain perspective and let go of your negative feelings towards a separation. Surround yourself with good friends and family whenever you can. Adopt a healthy routine, exercise regularly, and do not forget to make time for yourself and to have fun.

At Radiant Balance Retreats, we help our attendees comprehend the fact that a divorce is not the end. It only marks the end of a chapter in their remarkable life and the beginning of another. Our divorce retreat can heal your wound and help you evolve into a better person with a greater acceptance and mindfulness. Call us to enroll in one of our retreats.

Divorce Retreat
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Divorce Retreat Divorce Retreat