Our Radiant Balance Retreats signature retreats are transformational. They are a unique blend of personal interaction, combined with modern mindfulness based approaches from professionals that bring you the very best in your self-journey.
People around the globe continue to experience the benefits of retreats, a testament to the efficacy of techniques we share with you. With the right tools, a centered state of mind is possible, here and now.
We know it can be easy to lose sight of inner peace and happiness by the constant bombardment of thoughts. The mind feels too busy, tired or overwhelmed – regretting the past or worrying about the future.
We also understand the effects of increasing demands in contemporary life relationships, decoupling, and the ability to simply be at peace with life under any circumstance.
With our simple, powerful techniques to connect within and create a steady mind – you can feel light, clear, calm and present to each moment, wherever you are.


Sometimes, life gets in the way of taking care of yourself and you need to reboot. Nourish your mind, body, and soul with a visit to our self-journey retreat. Whether you want to de-stress, lose weight, meditate, increase your fitness level, or just step back from life's obligations, our passionate experts and serene environment create the perfect setting to recharge and rediscover yourself.


Our holistic view of wellness focuses on managing stress, consistent movement, and eating real, whole foods so you can make life changes that actually stick. Your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical health.


We have an amazing community of guests. Whether you visit solo or with a companion, you will be surrounded by kind, supportive people and make friends you will never forget.


Our entire program supports a holistic view of wellness that helps you stay ready and resilient for whatever life may bring. We will join in on fun group movement together. We want you to move for pleasure not for pressure.


What makes this women’s retreat special is that it’s all about you! With complete attention from expert practitioners, you’ll experience a more profound shift, in a shorter period of time, than what you could expect from a group retreat twice as long.


If you’re going through a difficult time decoupling with anxiety or a depressive state, and really ready to make some changes, our customized Radiant Balance Retreat is absolutely the best way to reboot.